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You know the drill. Tell me how I'm doing!

Anon is on, IP-logging is off.
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"Hello. You've reached John Smith. I'm busy right now, so leave a message after the beep, thank you."


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This is a catchall permissions post for any ability that might require it.

At present, John only possesses telepathy.

Details insiiide, along with a gif )
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Name: John Smith | The Doctor
Age: 47 (49 on his ID)
Appearance: Something like this, and honestly the fashion isn't that far off.
Occupation: Surgeon, LSR clinic

Full application: Right yonder!

Echoes received
→ A desire to travel to the stars
→ Engineering skills up to date with the modern society (not beyond, yet)
→ The outer shell of the TARDIS
→ A scene where his preincarnation tried to convince someone a murder had happened, but instead got locked up for being suspicious, and a memory of meeting Jamie McCrimmon. Tier 2, October
→ Jamie telling Victoria about he and the Doctor travelling through time and space in the TARDIS, and the species/title "Time Lord". Tier 2, December

This bowtie
→ The second heart
→ TARDIS console room with limited functionality and TARDIS key. Tier 2, January
→ Memory of introducing himself as the Doctor, and a discussion of what kind of doctor he is that follows it.
→ Regeneration ability. Tier 2, March

→ The ability to manipulate his hearts; slow them down or stop them entirely to feign death.
→ The scanner of the TARDIS, which enables you to see what's outside before stepping out there, and also includes being able to take video or audio messages.
→ A memory of his trial on his home planet Gallifrey, for breaking the Time Lords' non-interference law. In that trial, he talks about the Daleks (among others) to justify his actions. Thus he gets a memory of first meeting the Daleks, which also includes three new people (though no names) - Ian, Barbara and Susan. Tier 2, April.
→ Telepathy through touch.
→ Non-functioning sonic screwdriver.

→ The name Gallifrey, and a memory of fleeing from it together with Susan. Tier 2, June.

Note: If you care to notice, he has an English accent. The video sure includes his last incarnation too heh.
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Second incarnation of John Smith (pre-incarnation the Doctor) in Save the Earth. Application is here! What follows is how the personality of this incarnation differs from the last one.

I never report myself anywhere, particularly not forthwith )


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